Donate Usable Computer or Laptop for Homeless Veterans, May 21st


Donate your workable laptop or computer to a homeless veteran living in transitional housing

Drop Off: Saturday, May 21st, 1-4PM, 200 Carlisle Rd, Bedford

Transition Town Bedford has begun collecting laptops and desktops in good, working condition for local veterans living in transitional housing. For example, one residential facility is currently in need of 3 desktop computers and 10+ laptops. We are also reaching out to others in need of workable computers. If this is something you are able to donate, please come to the drop off event on May 21st. If you cannot make that time, contact Frances at fbigdapeyton@gmail. com. to arrange an alternate drop off. We can accept computers that boot from a USB-port or a DVD-drive. All data will be erased from accepted computers.

Transition Bedford is a group of individuals taking steps to transition into ways of living sustainably and richly while reducing our carbon footprint. We take a localized approach that promotes local food, transportation, business, and energy generation. Estimates suggest that up to 30% of our carbon emissions relate to the production and distribution of the “stuff” we have in our households and businesses. Rethinking our use of material goods and re-using them wherever possible is essential to Bedford’s becoming a truly sustainable community.

Most people confuse the terms “reuse” and “recycle”. Actually, they have different meanings. Re-use is the more environmentally sustainable choice, extending the useable life of the product and not requiring additional energy use. When you reuse, you allow the product/item in its original form to be utilized by others.  For example, re-use allows folks who cannot afford to buy a computer to learn computer skills and find out about the world.

Recycling requires destroying the item/product so as to scavenge the parts that can then be used to produce new items. Many organizations ask you to donate computers for recycling because they are given a small amount of money if the computer parts are recent; how the remaining parts are handled is often unknown.

Be on the lookout for re-use events. Conserving resources makes sense if we are to become a resilient, resource conscious community.